DoSo Music was founded in 2010 by David Mills who left an administrative position at Yale in order to concentrate on music education initiatives that can address a wide range of social issues.  David has partnered with several schools and institutions that have the capacity for major impact.  He works closely with many talented music teachers, and he is assembling a Senior Team of collaborators.

All DoSo Music and Dance programs will be licensed on an annual basis and contained in a DoSo Music Tablet system using 20″ tablets–the size of a Manhasset music stand.  Below is a 2-minute video explanation:


Some of the programs include:

The DoSo Dance Band reunites live music with social dancing providing life-long music making opportunities for those who have studied orchestra instruments.  For play-along recordings and sheet music go to materials.

DoSo Dance is a form of social dancing that provides young people an opportunity to communicate through touch in an appropriate way.

The DoSo Orchestra is a flexible ensemble that draws upon Eastern and Western classical traditions as well as improvisation as found in American jazz, rock and rhythm & blues.

DoSo Elementary is a program for children ages 7 – 11 and is designed to inspire them to learn an instrument.  It has been scientifically documented that learning to play an instrument before the age of 14 provides life-long cognitive advantages in reading comprehension.