DoSo Freestyle

DoSo Freestyle is very much like “freestyle rap” in that you come to the stage with no preconceived notion of where you will start and where you will end. Everything is improvised. There are no boundaries — where it goes is where it goes. Unlike freestyle rap, in a DoSo Freestyle performance two musicians can “speak” at the same time, and it still makes sense.


This first video is an excerpt from a DoSo Freestyle duet with Istvan B’Racz on piano and David Mills on guitar.


During his college years David Mills attended a “Summer Intensive” at Berklee College of Music.  One of his teachers emphasized that confidence is the most important ingredient in improvisation.  David elicits that from his own students by engaging them in DoSo Freestyle conversations.    (The student is Cristian Ortiz at Coop High School.)


In this next video excerpt, David Mills and his 9-year-old student Sofia decided that there would be three sections each featuring a musical dimension: 1) rhythm using percussion sounds, 2) melody by singing in unison with the keyboard, and 3) harmony using a spatial orchestral sound.