The DoSo Orchestra

The DoSo Orchestra is a concert ensemble that embraces both Western and Eastern traditions of classical music as well as improvsation as found in American jazz, rock and rhythm & blues.

Below are video excerpts from The DoSo Orchestra in rehearsal at Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT.  The DoSo Senior Team members are Patrick Smith (on vibraphone) and David Mills (on guitar). The musicians are NMS teachers, public school teachers, prominent members of the New Haven jazz scene and talented high school musicians capable of holding their own on stage “side-by-side” with their mentors.

DoSo Orchestra No.3 has the subtitle:  The French Song  It is meant to invoke the feel of classical French impressionism and jazz orchestras of the 1930’s.


DoSo Orchestra No.12 is based on a 12-tone walking bass part.  It is meant to invoke the feel of be-bop jazz.

(NOTE:  The DoSo Orchestra uses Fender amplifiers and Samson sound reinforcement equipment exclusively.)