DDB Play-Along Recordings

These are computer generated recordings of the DoSo Dance Band arrangements.
All arrangements are done by David Mills, and songs with an * are original songs.
The “jam” sections are simple rhythmic backgrounds
for musicians to use in practicing their improvisation.
Next to the song title is the dance style and metronome count, eg: (dosuerto 120)

Bad Girls Swing*  (docity 98)


The Blues in the Night  (docity 104)


Dance All Night*  (docity 124)


Doswayla Alabim*  (doswayla 120)


Doswayla Argentina*  (doswayla 108)


Everybody Wants to Rule the World  (docity 112)


The Habanera  (dosuerto 64)


Haitian Fight Song  (docity 142)


Hotel California  (dosuerto 128)


I Feel Love  (docity 120)


John Lee & Booker T  (docity 128)


Just an Ordinary Love*  (docity 78)


Low Rider  (docity 136)


One O’Clock Jump  (docity 156)


Rumbala*  (dosuerto 132)


Salsa Libre*  (dosuerto 120)


Secrets*  (dosuerto 132)


Simon Says  (doswayla 120)


Smoke on the Water  (docity 132)


Spanish Harlem  (dosuerto 112)


String of Pearls  (docity 156)


Sunshine of Your Love  (dosuerto 120)


The Way You Make Me Feel  (docity 116)


Woy-de-Woy*  (doswayla 120)