Products with a DoSo® endorsement must meet three standards:
 simplicity – good quality – reasonable price
DoSo® instruments can be purchased at

The  DoSo® Violin is an extremely light-weight acoustic-electric instrument. We start with the violin manufactured by Magic Fluke – Made in America. We include their upgrade options, namely: the Open to Source internal pickup, Peghed tuners, and a gig bag. We install a Pitch Stop – seven invisible frets that allow for great double-stop rhythm playing. (The Pitch Stop can be removed without a trace.) Lastly, we include D’Addario Helicore strings that give the instrument a strong, clear amplified sound. To purchase a DoSo Violin click here. Check out the DoSo Violin as played by Ben Dean in this DoSo® Orchestra video:


The DoSo® Double Bass –  With permission from instrument designer Ned Steinberger, we take an NS WAV Cello, put a “fretter” on it, and use special strings from D’Addario in order to tune it down to EADG.  With a 27″ string length this bass is great for people with small hands or for guitarists who want to cross train on bass.  The instrument has a double bass sound and can be played with a bow, and therefore, it is a great instrument for the DoSo® Dance Band.  Coop High School was the first school to use the bass with their jazz band.  (see video below)  To purchase a DoSo® Double Bass click here.