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DoSo® Music intends that every community should have its own local DoSo Dance Band. The Neighborhood DoSo Dance Band has a home base of Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. When asked to play in a park in the neighboring town of Hamden, we drew upon our stable of musicians who actually live in Hamden.

The music is simple enough that we could do this performance without a rehearsal nor did we even have time for a sound check. We rely on improvisation to elevate the arrangements to a professional level.


When we tested the DoSo Dance Band concept, naysayers told us teenagers will never dance to live music. For this afternoon presentation we told the audience they could dance if they were moved to do so.    The song is “Woy-de-Woy” written by David Mills

Watch what happens!


Using technique found in both Indian classical music and American jazz, DoSo teachers are able to show classically trained musicians how to improvise.


If you show young people how to dance,

will they follow your lead?

The answer is YES!

Wintergreen Grade School
photo by Mia Malafronte