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(The total run time of the three videos on this page is less than 10 minutes.)

A DoSo®  String Band is a 7-piece ensemble that performs as a backdrop for social events, be it a community dance or a gathering in the park. We draw upon the talent of the local musicians in each community where we perform.  Within high school and college music programs, we can provide weekly opportunities to perform rather than the occasional recital.  Sometimes students will abandon their instrumental studies because they foresee no opportunity to play after graduation.  Being a member of a community DoSo String Band gives them cause to continue with music.

The DoSo® String Band can be a great vehicle for fund-raising events as seen in the video below.

To create a DoSo® String Band in your community contact:

David Mills –


In addition to original compositions by David Mills, we have arrangements of popular songs from a variety of genres, but all arranged with a dance groove.  Typically, we obtain clearance on classic rock songs that are familiar to young people who have heard them in TV commercials or movie soundtracks.  In the video below you will hear an excerpt from an outdoor park performance of Sunshine of Your Love.  One might refer to this arrangement as a “variation on a theme by Cream.”


At the top and bottom of this page are links to Play-Along Recordings students can use to practice their parts. Although these are clinical playback recordings from the Finale scores, one can get accustomed to the scales used in the improvisation sections of each song.

Play-Along RecordingsDoSo Drones – Instructional Materials (coming soon)

— Improvisation is the wellspring for innovation in both the arts and industry.

(NOTE: The DoSo String Band  uses NS Design string instruments, Fender amplifiers and Samson sound reinforcement equipment.)