The DoSo Dance Band



David Mills has assembled a team of musicians, teachers and students to develop a new-style dance band. The mission is to reunite live music with social dancing. By creating life-long opportunities to play orchestral instruments, we can inspire students to stick with their instruments even when a future in classical music seems unlikely.

A DoSo® Dance Band can perform with just seven musicians, and the scores are flexible in order to accommodate those who play instruments not usually associated with improvised music.

The intention is that each arrangement can be played by good, amateur musicians with plenty of room for virtuosity in the improvisation sections. A school could have an extra-curricular dance band club, and the students might find themselves performing every week rather than just the occasional recital or school concert.  A town or city neighborhood might create a pan-generational DoSo® Dance Band that performs in a community center on a regular basis.

The DoSo® Dance Band is also a great asset for fund-raising events. The video excerpt from above was a fund-raising performance for Neighborhood Music School.  The musicians were students and faculty ranging in age from 15 – 60+.

If you go to our Materials page, you will find abbreviated sample recordings.  You will also find computer playback recordings that help musicians learn to read their parts and to improvise in the “Jam” sections.

     — Improvisation is the wellspring for innovation in both the arts and industry.