DoSo Elementary


A DoSo Elementary program (for ages 7 – 12) provides an opportunity to play and sing popular music from diverse cultures. The 3-string guitar is analogous to the Orff diatonic xylophone, that is, it is a vehicle for teaching music fundamentals. The objective is that students entering middle school will be musically literate and capable of improvisation. They will be well versed in:

Students who study a traditional orchestral instrument discover that the DoSo Elementary experience enhances their ability to analyze, memorize and personalize a classical composition.

With all the recent emphasis on improving math and science education, the arts are often short-changed. Yet, all agree that innovation is essential for economic growth. A child in a DoSo Elementary program learns musicianship, collaborative social skills, and creative thinking. All these skills can be applied to a higher level of music study or to any other discipline in arts and science.

Below is an excerpt from a concert at the W.O. Smith Music School in Nashville where we added recorder, piano and percussion to songs from the DoSo™ Song Library including The Lion Sleeps Tonight.


Sing-Along Videos